HD MC Waterproof Protector Filter


  Exterior Colour: Black,Red,Yellow,Blue,White,Pink,Purple.





HDMC chart1

  • Transmittance above chart is a commentary HDMC FILTER ultra-high transmittance.

  • And plus Japan “ASAHI” glass lens, so transmittance remained stable HD!




icon HDMC

 3 + 3 = Total 6 Optical Multi-Coating layers Anti-reflection multi-coating are applied to the surfaces to produce an average light transmission over 99.8%, it can effectively reduce the ghosting and lens flare caused by reflections, giving sharp contrast and well balanced color.

Icon_WPSuper resistance against water,Wipe easily.

Super resistance against oil and fingerprint,Wipe easily.

 Anti-Scratch-Hardened coating can effectively prevent the glass scratches or collision injury.

HDMC Icon_Slim
5.5mm Ultra Slime frame-The ultimate low profile design and the New Retainer Ring Mount Technology giving this filter an unsurpassed durability, it also can reduce the risk of vignetting when use with wide-angle lenses. it is a perfect filter for general use.

teruterubouzu hdmc waterproof oil 7h slim




The ultra thin filter frames help avoid vignetting on super 
wide angle lenses and also designed to hold a lens cap. 
The 6-layer high multi-coating offers revolutionary 
performance in light transmission and color balance, it also 
can greatly reduce the lens flare and ghosting caused by 

37mm,  40.5mm,  46mm,  49mm,  52mm,  55mm ,  58mm,  62mm,  67mm,  72mm,  77mm,  82mm



TTB HDMC all size





TTB toy japan

Included  TERU TERU BNOUZU 晴天公仔 Cleaning Cloth.